Washington Post is reporting that the U.S. Justice Department is considering criminal charges against Wikileaks members. Prosecuting Wikileaks would set a dangerous precedent that the Trump administration would surely use to target other news organizations.

Washington Post is reporting that the U.S. Justice Department is considering criminal charges against Wikileaks members. Prosecuting Wikileaks would set a dangerous precedent that the Trump administration would surely use to target other news organizations.

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  1. Nikki Roberts

    I agree. Not only with this Admin, but for future ones too. Every journalist should be very concerned. This is going into dictatorship territory. Btw, if they arrest Julian, they better arrest Maddow for exposing 45’s taxes, and the NYT’s journalist too. Otherwise, it’s a witch hunt.

  2. Don Ritchie

    Hopefully, the Washington Post is the next target for criminal prosecution. The WaPo and the rest of the MSM is a propaganda piece for globalist multinational corporations.


  3. Frank-o Dunlap

    Any journalist who cares for their craft and is worth their salt will stand up and fight this NOW. This would be a direct attack on the freedom of the press. Boots on the ground people!

  4. Marie Shawn

    That’s because the DOJ is corrupt to the bone. I will never believe in the CIA, FBI, NSA or government bureau again. I’m completely DISGUSTED.

  5. Elaine DelMonte

    “New reports indicate that a multi-agency effort is underway to locate a federal employee who delivered a treasure trove of top-secret documents to WikiLeaks.

    The individual that is the focus of the manhunt is believed to be an insider, an employee within the CIA, or possibly even a contractor.

    Read more: http://thepoliticalinsider.com/cia-hunt-traitor-not-russia-wikileaks/#ixzz4eqIaIt8U

  6. Deborah Cook

    They are tracking down where the leaks from 2 days ago came from, either you have a mole or are able to hack into their system, guess they are close to finding out which….not very smart on your part. Recruiting leakers from the government is a dangerous game to play. Thank you for helping closing the gaps.

  7. Koen Boone

    wikileaks dealing out illegaly obtained material… wouldn’t call that a news organization… decent news organizations tend to have journalists who wirte articles, perform research and publish without prejudice or populistic headlines (or so they should)

  8. Michael Hays

    A. What are they prosecuting them for? Hiding the hacker?

    B. Isn’t there a law against punishing whistle blowers!

    This isn’t draining the swamp

  9. William Beeman

    Excuse me but the government sends our boys to fight wars largely based on foreign policy shaped by the Saudi petro dollar deal!!

    That’s what puts our boys at risk ! You will go after a man that put the story out and exposed the crimes of our government but will not go after those responsible for breaking those laws and committing treason! You won’t go after Hilary Clinton her family on their crime spree either ?!?

    So are we protecting criminals and prosecuting those who did little more than any other news agency prior to them being bought out by those with a agenda? Washingtong post ; I’m talking to you with your 600 million dollar deal with the CIA!

    I think it’s clear; Wikileaks is the real news !

  10. Bern Menhennitt

    In ‘ the land of the free’. They have one of the highest rates of incarceration, in the world and will even persecute/ prosecute people for telling the…an inconvenient truth….😠

  11. Deborah S Garland

    Well what’s good for the goose is good for the gander! That’s the problem now with the CIA -FBI and other government- is the “do as I say not as I do” mentality. Thinking they are above the law and can do what they want but try to stifle the rights of everybody else!

  12. Nick Smith

    Target Wikileaks members? Why not Hillary, Comey, Sisken, Holder, Obama…I’d run out or room to type them all. Going after whistleblowers shows guilt. Silence dissent.

  13. Blaine Bugaski

    ACLU will surely champion anything anti-Trump but then gargles the bawls of anything and everything Democrat. Business as usual for the biased ACLU.

  14. Paul Hefer

    Hmm, Obama issued subpoenas for phone records from the Associated Press (AP) and named Fox News reporter, James Rosen, a “criminal co-conspirator” under the Espionage Act of 1917 in order to gain access to his personal emails and phone records. Where was the ACLU then?

    The ACLU is nothing else but another hypocritical leftist organization.

  15. Brandon Morgan

    I understand that they broke the law, but the fact that wiki leaks is probably the only reason that Trump is President right now…. So I would say don’t bite the hand that releases documents that help you win the presidency.

  16. Michael Roma

    It s ridiculous . Just like the double standard the “journalists” and the ACLU apply to the government. If this was a democratic administration there would be no opposition. Obama tried but couldn’t find a a way to go after Assange Now, with the false “Russia ” narrative, the gov has created a pathway for prosecution. The collusion is disgusting.

  17. Shane Horrocks

    Who cares wiki leaks has been CIA run since just before the election. It’s been taken over by the establishment.
    That’s why all material released since has been trying hackers to register lol

  18. Larry Mann

    Well if they aren’t American there is nothing they can do unless they are physically in the US. Trump would be wise to back off. He could end up a single termer real easy. His margine wasn’t overwhelming.

  19. Anthony Rex

    Tough spot for Wikileaks- if they start rubbing elbows with the ACLU, they will be considered just as biased and untrustworthy…

  20. Matthew Chapin

    going after whistle blowers, instead of corruption, just proves DTS and MAGA were Hope and Change of the new administration.

  21. Jim Brown

    They name Assange and they want to charge him with a crime. I told you guys during the presidential race that it will happen and that Trump will turn on Assange. Now you feel foolish that you helped Trump get elected.

  22. Peter Mills

    if someone can’t handle the truth, said someone shouldn’t be in any position of power or influence. Simple. Truth is like quality. It can’t be substituted or faked

  23. Roberto Medina Ramirez

    I thought wikileaks loved Trump and defended his every move? This is awkward.

  24. Monica Peak

    Ya no I don’t think so. And you use ACLU to? ACLU donated to the Clinton Foundation so naturally they will spread lies about him. He isn’t doing that to the press. Just wants the press to start being more honest.

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