U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on bringing charges against Julian Assange https://pic.twitter.com/BudIEN2uK0

Https://shop.wikileaks.org/donate“U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on bringing charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange https://t.co/NY5xOHDEgq”

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  1. Paul Ginochio II

    Catching leakers is one thing, but silencing whistleblowers is another. If you don’t want leaks, have stronger security. And stop spying on everyone without a good reason, otherwise there will likely be more whistleblowers like Snowden. Focus on terrorism and illegal immigration enforcement. The spying goes for both the Republican and Democrat parties, as both have abused power in the past. We need a third party soon.

  2. Elaine DelMonte

    Build a better mouse trap. In other words stop our leaks. Assange does not owe the US anything. He is not the enemy. Headline is misleading. Sessions did not say he was bringing charges against Assange

  3. Rebecca Renee

    They killed #SethRich and wanna bring charges on you? I think enough injustice has occurred for one lifetime. Deep state just stahhhp, we hate you. Can we actually prosecute high up criminals instead of allowing them to buy and kill their way out of everything?! >:(

  4. Christine Ostertag

    While I like Trump and the gang WTF !!! The only truth we’ve had is from Julian and Wilileaks

  5. ELl Boone

    Big surprise. The Orwellian and out of control US govt planning to go after someone else that exposes the level of unconstitutional madness that’s gone on for far too long. It’s odd that the CIA didn’t off Julian years ago. That’s usual procedure for the globalists that hijacked this country

  6. Mindi Hill

    Julian STANDS FOR THE PEOPLE! Any government individual, that does not appreciate the “platform of truth and facts”, provided by Assange, is GUILTY OF HIDING SOMETHING AND THEY NEED TO BE JAILED…not Julian!!!

  7. Shannon Nunnes

    How in the world should the organization that brought to light the evil deeds of many pays the price? Shouldn’t it be the people that committed the evil acts be punished? This is absolutely insane!

  8. Annie McSheery-Bood

    Sessions should be drawing up legal documents to support Mr. Assange to be released! Do not piss off the Americans who put President Trump in office. Mr. Assange is the messenger. Better rethink this one!

  9. David Thompson

    I thought you were honorable Sessions, but you wont charge Hillary after she committed multiple felonies but you go after Assange…your a traitor Mr Sessions.

  10. Jon Almeida

    Piss off and leave Assange Alone. Assange and people alike are (or should be considered) heroes…. They are heroes to me, and I thank them for getting the truth out there.

  11. Frank H. Stanley

    Good luck to USA’LL THE WORLD AROUND, Thevenusproject.com, thetransition.org, zeitgeist, Standingrock, wikileaks, PEACE love and HOPE for the future and our grandchildren.

  12. Gary Orrell

    CIA creates ISIS and Al Qaeda, ousts democratically elected leaders, creates false flag events, spies on us and it’s the heroes that do the right thing and report this illegal activity that are the criminals? The world would be a much better place without this vile, corrupt organisation.

  13. Annette Wilson

    This is all part of the plan. They’ll use this in their fake “Russian Collusion” ploy to oust Trump! Be ready for it …. it’s coming soon! ☝🏻️😡

  14. Nicole Olivier

    The tagline is very misleading, that US Prepares Charges Against Wikileaks. Jeez the sensationalism has to stop and someone has to be levelheaded enough to dial back this hysteria 🙁

  15. Apostolos Velanas

    Intellectually disabled retired individuals (social tumours) in war against human progress based on trust and truth. US is well doomed

  16. Dolly Guenthner

    Leaks are getting out because our govt is using new advanced intel technology on average citizens as well as whistleblowers. Our INTEL is corrupt, thanks to Obama and presidents before him, and should be shut down.

  17. Daniel J. Brown

    They’ll be shooting themselves in the face by trying that.. an extra nail in the coffin of hope in there being any such thing as American virtue. If any where needed. The rabid Empire’s credibility rests entirely on its continued despotism. Business as usual until its last lying breath.

  18. Judith DAmbrosia

    Thank God for Wikileak’s for informing us of all the Treason going on in our Government. Drain The SWAMP! Charge Hillery and Obama with TREASON!

  19. Margaret Middleton Azar

    Say it isn’t so …..
    U.S. Attorney General Sessions
    Leave Julian Assange alone go after
    Clinton…Comey…Rice..I can name 20 more
    swamp people ( or was that all talk going after Them ) Sessions should be checking on the group
    that he’s in charge of 😱

  20. Sean OKeefe

    How is it there are still drug cartels shipping drugs and child molesters on the loose and using womens restrooms, focus on the real threats and dont in advertantly protect the trash

  21. Alan Mott-Smith

    He exposed corruption. Sessions, you’re never gonna stop Assange or Anonymous. Saudi Arabia and the other owners of this country should expect them, they told you that already.

  22. Marsha Miller Anderson

    Going after Assange and letting the Clintons off scot free. Somethings wrong in the state of Denmark says I.

  23. Ben Mcwatt

    Jeff Sessions your a little prick. Long live Julian Assange. ❤️

  24. John McFarlane

    Ah america. Land of the free? I think not. Land of the corrupt? Oh yes. Land of the Oppressors? Oh yes. Land of Terrorists? Most definitely.
    The new third world country.

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