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  1. C.c. Regan

    I am BlackFoot and I can give two shits about it. Its the past, and nothing can be done about it, stop living in the past and using it as an excuse.

  2. Monte Behanna

    Thank you. This is why i think blackpeople who claim racism need to shut the fuck up. Especially the overpaid ones in the nfl and idiots like al sharpton

  3. Kyle David Johnson

    They were conquered. Just like they conquered each other, but some how it’s only bad if the “evil white man” does it.

  4. Logan Wiley

    The Americas were conquered by the Europeans. The USA was conquered by France, Spain and England, with the English prevailing. Every country in the Americas that speaks Spanish was conquered by Spain. Where they speak Portuguese was conquered by Portugal. There are no Indigenous countries in the Americas. Are you going to complain to Mexico to give it back to the indigenous too? And Brazil? Peru? Argentina? Colombia? Why not go back and look at ancient Egypt and Greece, the Mongols, Persia, etc. Man has always invaded and conquered other places and peoples. In fact, right now in the USA, there is an invasion and attack of minorities and the liberal left trying to conquer our 1st world USA. We need to need to protect and defend like crazy if we want to prevail.

  5. David Conley

    Should’ve been more technologically advanced. Then They could’ve defended themselves. The caveman went extinct too you know. Where’s the outrage

  6. Anthony Cicoria

    Do you know that most Indians took it from other Indians?…And did the same thing early Americans did to them?…You know, the ignorant Americans that did that are all dead and Americans today are not much like the Americans of hundreds of years ago…as are the Indians they did it to. Look it makes me sick too and should make anyone with empathy and compassion think it is disgusting, but make no mistake about it. It’s history and we cannot change it, only keep it in site to learn from, to never let be repeated ever again, but if you think America, Americans, or white people should suffer today for it, you are not being rational. There is a direct correlation to that and the statement below.

  7. Erik Swensen

    Can’t help being disgusted by this…. and the way they teach it in schools continues to avoid the issue.

  8. Charles Hunter

    No shit..Because people are more worried about other shit.. But it’s not our fault that our ancestors won the battle of survival of the fittest..

  9. Xena Pine Tsosie

    We Native Americans did but we try to hold on to what we have left, our language is dying, culture is dying, but we still stand strong and hold on to what we have. Now days we have to leave the reservation to better ourselves and fit in with society to earn a living just like anyone else.

  10. Bernalita Holiday

    What else I’m native I know my culture, our language is gone, education sucks on the reservation and our water is taken beneath us our reservation provides water to Phoenix and other local city around but we get nothing but insults from people that don’t give a shit

  11. William Haines

    They were doing it to each other LONG before the whiteman showed up!! The Sioux came charging out of the minnesota wilds and destroyed the Kiowa, Omaha, Pawnee and others as savage as any cavalryman ran them down. Revisionist history. And How about your Eastern Tribes? George Washington begged them to remain neutral in the war of independence…..and after, he would limit westward expansion to only lands that were not occupied. NOPE…sided right up to the british for pretty beads, whiskey and the brown bess….So get down off the soap box for a while….Each tribe lusted for their rival tribes game and land and tried to exterminate each other in the process. This whole fanfare that all native tribes were peaceful and only fought to protect their lands from the white devil is just this new age milennial/iGener BS bleeding heart babble! and there ya go!!

  12. Phillip P Sage

    What happen is sad, as much of the worlds history is sad. Many people’s were conquered and their cultures destroyed. The Celtic people, the Byzantine Empire. Countless central Asian people’s, African people’s, Egyptians, Iranians, the People’s of the Indian subcontinent. Living in the past to try to make up for past wrongs will only keep everyone imprisoned in what can’t be changed or made whole again!

  13. Maggie Triantafilou

    I feel very bad about this. They had a great culture, music, myths and a unique way to see the world. What’s done is done and can’t change. But it’s a shame so few of them survived and they are still treated as minority in some places… In their own land… They should be given compensation from the government and be helped to rebuild their culture and lives… But of course… The government will never care… All they care about is power and oil…

  14. Billy Critser

    i see a lot of you claim to be speaking “real”…. heres a dose of “reality”. what happened to natives sucks and looking back, it sucks even more, BUT this is the outcome of conquest. this is the TRUE result of progression. the biggest and toughest tribe wins. period. natives were killing each other for land and resources looooong before the white man came. mayans and aztecs were sacrificing their own people to an imaginary god by the thousands loooooomg before the europeans came. africans were at war with each other and took slaves of the fallen tribe lllloooooooonggggg before the arabs and spanish, then finally, the white man came. the eqyptians had slaves looooooong before the arab world descended upon it. the romans conquered and enslaved other white men loooooooong before…….you get the point. where we are now as a technologically advanced society is due to conquest. you guys think the world was a peaceful and beautiful place before the white man? lol the white man came played the game that was already being played, better. noone is innocent. in fact if your alive today talking shit, chances are that your ancestors, somewhere along the line, decimated another tribe for their resources so that your tribe would survive. climb down off your pedestal and realizurno one “race” or ethnic group is innocent. war is constant and those better at war, win. thats the truth. you say poor natives now, but if you were say, the Crow before the US and the Cheyenne constantly smashed you and took your resources, youd be saying, oh poor crow, i cant believe how the cheyenne treats them. i get it, everyone loves an underdog story, but seriously people. be realistic. youre on your phone now because a greater power crushed a lesser power and assimilated most of the positives. you people are the sickness holding true progress back. conformity is a son of a bitch, but we all must to progress.

  15. Lisa Zanzottera

    The Indians were treated very unfairly. You think Vegas was a massacre check out how many Indians were slaughtered. They had their lands and homes taken away. Forced to live as slaves. Dig deeper in your history books, google it whatever. The truth will disgust you. Break your heart.😢💔

  16. Paul Mahon

    did you know that native Americans are bot a homogenous group that they warred with each other before during and after the arrival of Europeans. this narrative is not a representation of history

  17. Ryan Robertson

    Humans are closer to animals than enlightened beings. Conquering those who are different and spreading your kind has and will always happen. The thing that separates humans from animals is greed and the want for more than is necessary.

  18. Sean Schwarz

    If u dont learn from the past, it will repeate itself. Never become comfortable with acts of evil regardless of the situation, people only care about oppression if it directly effects them. This is the past, but it is a valid point. If u think racial oppression isn’t real then u need to re position your perception to a higher view, then just your little bubble of what u have been programmed to beleive by your famly,friends and environment.

  19. Jane Scroggins

    That is the only thing I can think of that truly makes me ashamed of this country. Slavery was a horrible crime but it was not unique to the USA and a lot of people sacrificed a lot to end it. Very little has been done to rectify what was done to the natives. Mostly they seem to have done for themselves. I’m sure I’ll be hated and attacked for saying so but it is my opinion. No I’m not native.

  20. Mike Gajdostik

    they still exist. there are four Indian reserves within a drive from my house. Our federal government sends them treaty money (our tax dollars) every year. They can still practice their culture. yes, American Indians were persecuted. no denying that fact. That being said, show me ANY culture on earth that has not faced persecution at some point. you can spin the globe and point to any piece of land on the 6 populated continents….guaranteed it has been fought over and taken from some culture by someone at some point.

  21. Jim Parrott

    Are the Americans going to be held responsible for their ancestors behaviour? I’m English and I’m tired of being constantly told about how bad my ancestors were. By the way the worse thing my acestorrs did was to dig for call and make ships. Ask modern 21st century people if Germany is to be held responsible for two world wars, and the answer is no. Those poor pickle Germans were forced to fight. Stop blaming the innocent for their ancestors deeds and grown up.

  22. Matthew Skopek

    No it’s not! Over the past 100 thousand years of human history more advanced evolving civilizations have trampled over and pushed or killed the indigenous out. This has happened in every territory of the earth and in many places it has happened numerous times. And to claim that native Americans are the least discussed is a baseless claim, there are indigenous people that have probably all been slaughtered for territory but have no record or knowledge of them existing.

  23. Bernadette N Rob Fisher

    Strategically, does anyone really think they would have been able to keep it? They had no military, only other tribes which were at war with each other a big part of the time. A more advanced civilization invaded (lack of a better word) and conquered. No, its not beautiful or even acceptable. But thats what happens when you cant defend yourself. Let that be a lesson to the idiots in the Canadian government currently!

  24. Bobbie Bess

    Im part Cherokee and feel like both sides were at fault. I mean the Indians killed other tribes daily. Their own rules said if u beat another tribe, u take their women and land. Well that’s what the white man did. They beat them. Plus Indians only used like 1 percent of the land in America, but flipped out when white men tried to take areas they weren’t using. They both attacked each other and neither would compromise. Now later when the fighting was done and white men took Indian lands that were promised to them for gold and such, yes, that was wrong on so many levels. But the same thing is still done today to poor ppl and Indians.

  25. Christina Heckman

    That’s also happening to America right now. Our statues are being takin down everybody’s feeling are getting hurt over words no national anthem this world is falling apart as we speak and the only thing people are worried about is race!!! Stupid human. One race the human race. Come together before we ruin this country and each other.

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