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Russia Sending Troops, Tanks to Border with North Korea – Anonymous

(ANTIMEDIA) North Korea — Following China’s reported deployment of 150,000 troops to its border with North Korea only days ago, it appears Russia is now following suit. Thursday morning, footage surfaced that appears to show Russian tanks, helicopters, and troops being moved to the country’s tiny 11…

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  1. Micky Fitzpatrick

    Nope…..their sending them to the Russian border with north Korea … a tiny border! And their only going to stop north Korean immigrants getting through! So looks like the Russians know war is going to break out ……tell the news like that and people might just think your not full of shit

  2. Emile von Wolff

    Lets hope there is a joint plan by Russia, China and the US to deal with fatboy in a quick and decisive manner. If those 3 super powers come knocking at fatboy’s door I doubt his forces will even last an hour. 😀 I hate to think of the alternative, which would boil down to us getting being screwed in WW3.

  3. Sonyc Iska

    So and why china and russia, what are neighbors of northkorea, must prepare for a war? Because of this american fuckers what arent neighbor. This countrys get forced to use armed forces because there is just one stupid and greedy country on the hole univers..

  4. Darren Attwood

    A battle field will become apparent in june , all military and parliamentary actions currently taking place are porns being moved and weighting up of who makes what money out of it . the question is if NK will move before and with what force …. Dont underestimate NK as they nearly had USA on there knees in the past and NK subs disappear as and when they want to so no one is out of range .

  5. Tyson Savron

    U.S.A shouldn’t try to compete against China, the largest, most advanced and powerful army in the world. Having Russia as support is the nail in the coffin.
    This isn’t a middle east, walk over army.
    Leaders better sort their shit out.

  6. Jessica Arcano

    Every other article you post, you post the caption “it’s time to pay attention” it’s been time! We shoulda all been paying attention all along! We have snakes and serpents amongst us and we need to watch everything that’s going on

  7. Samson Kaplin

    Does NK even have nukes? Or are they just bluffing? The forces of the world need to shut down this country once and for all, it’s been too long. The humans that live there shouldn’t be subjected to the cruetly any longer.

  8. Thomas Finnamore

    Put both U.S and N.K leaders in a cage with no weapons and have a hand on hand combat to the death. Save the countless lives that will be loss in this stupid war to come

  9. Raymond DeMuro Letsche

    you post the same shit with the same description everyday….it’s getting fucking annoying at this point I really just feel like just finding shit on my own and deleting this page but every now and then you share something interesting

  10. Lea Boultwood

    Everyone’s had enough of ‘loose cannon’ North Korea. Looks like it will be carved up between Russia, China and South Korea with everyone happy.

  11. Chris Boland

    It doesn’t do Anonymous’ credibility much good when their story quotes the Daily Mail. I wold take this with a pinch of salt.

  12. Christian Lane

    yeah, that’s because America isn’t in the the North Korean waters, good one media! blowing shit out off proportion once again

  13. Peter Yetman

    Who gives a shit anymore … let them blow the shit out of themselves at the end of the day they will be no further ahead and trillions more in the hole trying to fix everything they just blew up… dont make one ounce of sense…

  14. Marco Piemonte

    Lmao you guys are terrible people.. trying to scare people.. what’s your reasoning? None of this is true!! Sad part is people are intelligent enough to do their own research

  15. Garry Crout

    This guy is full of shit and to be honest this page has become ridiculous all u do is spread propaganda so people will like whatever shit you put on here u really need to get a life fella

  16. Derrick Obeng Benson

    Trump is the people’s only hope. As he is the best thing to ever happen to America. A skilled negotiator & businessman with over 900 businesses. His predecessor was a complete failure.

  17. Andy Swirski

    China and Russia, who supplied North Korea with armaments is using Kim Jong-un for it’s puppet and using him to destabilize the whole region because of the democratic countries that border them. China and Russia can’t even control Jong-un now and he gives them the finger as well.

  18. Carlos RIvera

    Umm why dont people realize north korea is just going to blow them selves up. They have never had the chance to really test anything they have made and well the test they have run are not to good lol. God bless the people there tho.

  19. Frank Stenger

    Why should we just let this guy do what he wants? Testing missiles every week! Trying to intimidate us!!! Soon the little fuc will have one that reaches US mainland !!! Time is up for this dictator

  20. Richard Seychell

    Removing this page now, some shit page! Fake news random stupid pictures and dead threats of getting rid of debt! Go back to ya mums basement and get a life.

  21. Marty Gary

    No Korea doesn’t Border with Russia. now china has, i know you lefties want Trump to go to war after the left lost the election. Get an Atlas

  22. Matt Brennan

    Today is the day i unfollow your wack ass page, I’m an oldphag anon I don’t play this hype shit I don’t know how you losers have so many followers you make us passionate anons look bad.

  23. Ken Parker

    They are going to border to keep North Korean refugees from fleeing into Russia… should Kim fail to meet the demands of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula…

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