Media hype Trump’s bomb theatre. But the Pentagon dropped 26,172 bombs during 2016. More than a MOAB every day.

Even if all these bombs averaged 1000lbs that’s 71,404lbs a day or almost three MOABs a day.

How Many Bombs Did the United States Drop in 2016?

In President Obama’s last year in office, the United States dropped 26,172 bombs in seven countries.

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  1. Renée-Anabelle Campeau

    Where was all the protesting when Obama was bombing Libya ? He also passed more surveillance laws than GW Bush did and yet left wingers and mainstream medias keep trying to elevate this man to the status of God…

  2. Prabash Wayne

    The point is that Trump had a very anti – war[edit: Anti bombing syria/global interventionist] campaign, and then he proceeds to bomb Syria after a supposed assad-backed chemical attack.

    Sure wish you’d take that Trump dick out of your mouth once in a while, Wikileaks, its getting hard to beleive that your words aren’t following an agenda.

  3. Orion Rodriguez

    I’m glad there’s media hype, any bomb is unacceptable! We need massive change ! DEFUND the military industrial complex, defund black water , defund “legal” murder.

  4. Casey Tobin

    Lol. For those defending wiki saying that they’re not biased and they just “release the info given”. You’re stupid. This is a clear biased in favor of trump and against the USA. Has nothing to do with providing information. They’re simply discrediting every aspect of the USA while propping up Donald trump, putins playboy, in the meantime.

  5. Amir Parvez

    US+NATO+Israel is the greatest Terrorist Organization in the world that arms, trains, funds and then bombs terrorists because wars and conflicts are good for business.

  6. Stephan Sharps

    All of these strawman attacks. War is wrong, doesn’t matter who is committing the murderous act. Killing is never right unless it is in self defense and your defending your own individual life. Anything other than that is wrong. It doesn’t matter if God, the president, your commander, or your own mother tells you to kill someone, it is wrong.

    Strawman attacks such as this only seek to normalize the act of war. “But he did it first….” War is wrong. End of story. Stop normalizing conflict.

  7. Jason Quiggle

    This single use of MOAB, first in history, is just the beginning. Sure, one MOAB isn’t as bad as all those bombs last year, but now that this weapon is off the chain you can expect to see it used in greater numbers and more often ultimately dwarfing last years bombings by DOJ. This bomb also has a psychological effect, clearly, and not just on the enemy but domestically. This escalation of force is now within the military’s comfort zone- imagine 10, 20..59? 100? Dropped on an urban center? That’s where we’re headed. It’s worth noting this bomb has been around since 2003, the two previous Presidents chose not to use the device.

  8. Landon Pope

    There’s an inherent difference. A 21,000 lbs bomb is indiscriminate. A 21,000lbs bomb is a terrorists weapon. Period.

    While smaller bombs can also be used as terrorists weapons, they can be used with more precision to hit targets.

    And dropping bombs at targets is completely different than wiping out a map.

  9. Carlos Limardo

    LOL, you’re missing the fact that we have STILL been dropping bombs just like it was 2016. So this MOAB is in ADDITION to all the other bombs we continue to drop. “but… but”…carry on.

  10. Gabriel Millerd

    Sorry, but the MOAB drop is a not hyped, it was presented for show. Just like any drone or on-board ordinance camera footage.

    The same administration your cheer leading for and defending against ‘hype’ is using you for propaganda. Odd day when a information freedom organization is an overt propaganda tool.

  11. Bridgitte Rivers

    You mean the equivalent? Because the article you link is not saying a MOAB a day was being dropped. I presume you are adding up the total tonnage dropped and suggesting it is the equivalent of a MOAB. Since the bombing being added together to make the claim of a “MOAB a day” is still going on, adding an actual MOAB to the total is an alarming escalation (doubling).

  12. Charlie Martin

    Remember that time when Wikileaks accused Snowden of kissing up to Hillary for a pardon? The hypocrisy is strong here. And if Assange thinks Trump will pardon him, he has really lost his mind.

  13. Juan Pablo Robledo

    Before elections, I thought, but wasn’t sure, Wikileaks was only attacking Hillary Clinton and helping Trump… now I’m sure you did!

    So, if Trump drops 10 bombs it’s ok because Obama dropped a lot more?

    Then… if Trump is corrupt, it’s ok because Hillary is/was a lot more?

    Wikileaks was funded by Trump to attack H. Clinton or it was just coincidence?

  14. Mati Echegaray

    Non the less sad! I think at this point we the follow you here on FB or in any other social media know that no matter which party is in the White House, they are just as bad, but to immediately post something like this, to somehow make seem well he did too, it’s getting a bit to much.

  15. Yannick Hood

    It’s not about the defense of the administration, it’s about showing that nothing changed. Maybe people get that new governments aren’t making anything better. That’s how I understand the message.

  16. Michael John Barney

    More “but…but…” from Wikileaks in defense of this administration. I’m not shocked.

  17. Lonnie Smith

    I see the liberal crybabies are on here calling you ‘not credible’ now that their savior Obama is getting called out.. Not credible for telling the truth that doesn’t fit the liberal agenda.

  18. Raven Jones

    Just one year of the US annual war budget could give fresh water, toilets & food to every human on Earth ($130 billion) & you would have another $500billion to start building houses for every homeless person on the planet. But instead we get Wars that have increased terrorism & made the World more dangerous.
    Meanwhile Americans can’t even get basic health care from their government who ‘can’t afford it’.

  19. Johny Wu

    War = $$$ no deep philosophy here. Stay basic. As long as there will be weapon production there will be war. They don’t just produce them for decoration on a Christmas tree. Besides many still think NWO is a mith. Welcome into the far west. As long as countries will not agree with USA ideology they will strike and wipe out everyone blaming the poppets they created themselves.

  20. Andrew Cloake

    This page does not represent Assange’s vision after seeing him at Think Inc. I have a lot of respect for Assange. Although the comparison made is true and important, Wikileaks should not be alluding to Trump being OK, because Obama did it worse. Instead, they should be condemning both presidents, as an anti war campaigner. They should be presenting facts, not commentary steeped in spin. Either this Facebook page is rogue or we should be deeply disappointed.

  21. Steven McDonald

    Hey uh WikiLeaks, your bias is showing… Sigh..apparently you’re unaware that we’re only 4 months in to 2017. Your comparative analysis skills are highly lacking. Also, Obomber left office months ago, so criticizing him is about as useful right now as trying to milk a bull. Once again, mounting a terrible defense of Trump. Whoever runs your Facebook page sucks at their job lol

  22. Jason Santos

    Doesn’t matter. As my mother said to me, so many times, just because you see someone else do something wrong, it doesn’t mean that it’s alright for you to do it, too. Doens’t matter what the previous administrations may or may not have done. It doesn’t make it right for this administration to do it. And it certainly doesn’t make it right to use a bombing to try and distract the media and electorate from your other wrong doings. And it doesn’t make it right to TELL the allies of the people you are bombing…before you bomb them!

  23. Steve Estrada

    I guarantee all these liberals on this post said nothing when Obama authorized all these bombings across the middle east in the past couple of years. Wikileaks exposed the corrupt President George Bush & the really corrupt President Obama, but nothing yet has been proven corrupt about Trump. You see, I pointed out both corrupt Republicans and Democrats in the past, but kool aid drinking Obama supporters won’t do this. I pray our heavenly Father protect our troops, also guide trump to do the right things all the time and may God stop any violent anti war protests before they even start, Amen

  24. Don Saunders

    I hate it when we get into these “My bomb is bigger than your bomb” arguments. We will not defeat ISIS with bombs, no matter how large, or who orders the strike(s). We have been 15 YEARS in Afghanistan and for all the bombs dropped and blood and treasure spent, we are hardly any better off than when we supposedly were after Al Quaeda. IMHO once Obama got bin Laden we should have loaded everything and everybody up and come home, Mission Accomplished, generals take your pensions.

  25. Richard Sadler

    MOAB is about muscle flexing… It’s more of a message to Russia and China that the USA has a serious, if limited non nuclear tactical option… It also makes Trump look presidential in his eyes…

    Wikileaks I respect in some ways, but has made some errors in judgment, and I also feel as has been suggested internationally, is acting as an agent of Russia

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