Have CIA spies already stolen #India‘s national ID card database? #aadhaar #biometric #modi

How CIA Spies Access Aadhaar Database | GGI News

Today WikiLeaks published secret documents from the ExpressLane project of the CIA. These documents show one of the cyber operations the CIA conducts against liaison services β€” which includes among many others the National Security Agency (NSA), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Fede…

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  1. Mohit Chaudhary

    For Indians don’t panic Indian agencies already have CIA employees data as well. So this situation is draw πŸ˜€

  2. Gourav Thakur

    Thank you GOI for funding this multi billion dollars project so that CIA can have our biometric info.πŸ˜₯

  3. Mohammad Shauzub Baqiri

    Whoever in the Indian government accepted this biometric identification system, was a big bumbling fool.

  4. Sanjay Tank

    UID aadhar is great initiative that will bring India into the forefront of other world advanced/ordered economies…
    But building it with tools provided by foreigners is the mistake Indians have committed and soon this should be rectified…
    Indians should build end-to-end all the tools and infrastructure that is needed to support and develop Aadhaar… and should NOT buy/get anything from foreigners as it would be foolish to trust foreigners in these kind of large projects of national interests…

  5. Rajiv Sharma

    Lol what data are you trying to hide from CIA?? They already know everything about you… so stop fooling yourself and stop blaming govt

  6. Asif Chaudhary

    They already seem to have Pakistan’s data.

  7. Ashok Kumar

    UID aadhaar in India was the requirement of the US imperials which has been fulfilled by the US compliant corrupt governments in India. This will be used by the corrupt authorities in power to harass and damage the whistle blowers who oppose the wrong doings by the Indian as well as the foreign criminals .

  8. Mohammed Arif Ahmed

    What? is it true? Don’t think so wikileaks.

  9. Robert A. Diaz

    Leave it to the CIA, the Doberman kennel of the DNC.

  10. Haritha Velpureddy

    so what? There is nothing private about us, we quarrel on roads, we spit on roads we pee on roads, we show off our properties and gold in front of friends and relatives

  11. Avishek Halder

    believe it or not.. this i already knew.. may be many like me already knew!! its like your SSID in US

  12. Anand Nair

    How will it benefit them?

  13. Mohit Chaudhary

    with help of chris vickery

  14. Srinath Thampan

    I called it the day they announced aadhar.

  15. Syed Nayab

    Haha .. chud gayi gormint

  16. Matt De Pope

    Wouldn’t this fall under the NSA?

  17. Malik Ubaid Ali

    Ajay Kumar bachh k rahii Reddy jee πŸ˜‚

  18. PΓ³l Γ“ hAnluain

    One more I promise Vincent Healy😳

  19. Deepak Patil

    Gandharva Appagere

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