Harvey Weinstein discussed in 2014 leaked email from Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton to Henry Louis Gates, Jr https://wikileaks.org/sony/emails/emailid/132247

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  1. Laura Beth Sawyer

    I’m glad Weinstein is going down and I expect others to fall soon, but what is really going on that we should be watching? This is distraction tactics!

  2. Robin Hayter

    He (McQueen) may not be the legendary actor but he is an astonishingly good director. such films as ‘Hunger’ and ‘Shame’ come to mind to name just two. off topic here sorry guys.

  3. Joanne Wilson

    I really don’t care what they do….but do not stand on your moral high horse and lecture those of us about integrity and honesty.

  4. Nathan Primeaux

    Good looking out Wikileaks. Assange has earned his pardon.

  5. Brenda Buff Creson

    One of Hollywood’s BEST Known “secret”…………….. Phony’s………. all phony’s……………… and they think they know what is best for the American populace………….. get outta here…………

  6. Kimberly D Spencer-Nearn

    Who is the huge star that has heritage of family that were former slave owners?

  7. Cindy Schneider

    A Dutch producer said everyone in Hollywood knew but kept quiet. Of course that’s true.

  8. Hajo van Klaveren

    Why the hell did it take soo long for someone to step forward?

  9. Robert A. Diaz

    Wow, Michael Moore has a doppelganger. And that Steve MacQueen…he’s not the one I know and accept.

  10. Stefanie Farias

    Keep exposing all these shmucks😈

  11. Lana Garin

    We still miss the secrets of Merkel announced before the election?

  12. Cathy Haddad

    Thank you Wikileaks.

  13. Alice Halstead

    Thank you Wikileaks

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