Weed smokers, this is for you!

Harvard Study: This is What Happens to Your Brain if You Smoke Marijuana – Anonymous

By: minds Harvard Study: Smoking Weed Improves Brain Functions Recent findings that have been published in Frontiers in Pharmacology have indicated that ,marijuana does, indeed, improve cognitive performance. Researchers from McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Tufts University have begun p…

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  1. Doug Wilson

    I would like to read an article/blog comparing the medical cannabis flower medicine to television radio opiates liquor wine beer gambling redmeat sugar corn fructose syrup gluten & the coffee bean? πŸ“šπŸ’»

  2. Abbas El

    Anonymous are you a pot-head cause you put atleast few Marijuana articles a week. We get it, it heals cancer, it make you be a brain surgeon without even going to medical school.

  3. Mandy Bell

    Harvard says that but I’ve noticed that the habitual weed smokers that I’ve come across are rather dull and lethargic as well as thinking themselves cooler than everyone else.
    I’m very much in favour of legalisation for medical purposes though.

  4. Carlos ElCharly Diaz

    i feel better , the anxiety gone, the lucid dreams gone , now all is focused,,I think it gives you what you are looking for.

  5. Aaron Webb

    could have told you that, i program computers twice as good smoked, and game twice as good, pretty much drive, my clutch work is immaculate and i dont speed smoked up…

  6. Peter Fernandez

    Gee I guess the longitudinal study funded under Richard Nixon , and 90 % of all worldwide studies are wrong. But you geniuses know best.

  7. Michael Huege

    This is why the government doesn’t want you smoking it because you will be a free thinker

  8. Patrick Smith

    The opioid epidemic that is to support the leglization of pot…how long will it take before they face the facts…how many more people will have to give their lives and well being before they own up to the facts!!!

  9. Muni R Hussain

    I use it for pain relief not good having a bad back it relieves the pain no pill can

  10. Luc Fiss

    If u look closer the green color got bigger thoπŸ˜‚ what the yellow represent, how much f*k I give about this post?

  11. Richard Zawada

    Mby this page should show us something more than just weed…

  12. Ian Hobbs

    Where weed is legal driver fatality wrecks are high due to people high on weed

  13. Michael Andrews

    Too bad this article isn’t a proven study. It’d be great if so.

  14. Ron Schuster

    I’m not biased against it for sure, but I have to ask if anyone knows about damage to the hypothalamus?

  15. Dan Finn

    Obsessed with weed awY n fuck off. #Unfollwed

  16. Darrell Heim

    How was a study done on marijuana when it’s still a schedule 1 drug?

  17. Stephanie Green

    ” I’m calling for a complete shut down of Muslims entering the Country “, Trump.
    A million times.
    1 John 3:10
    This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the Devil are; Anyone who does not do what is right is not God’s child , nor is anyone who does not love their brother and sister.

  18. James Busby

    Are all you posts weed related?

  19. Kev Macfarlane

    No Weed No Sheeple!

  20. Christopher Smith

    “begun preliminary investigations”

  21. Adrian Cano


  22. Anzac Te Rupe

    so i guess im algud then

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