Google plans to “improve conversations online” with comment filtering system

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  1. Jon Fulton

    Negative comments about Israel is about to be a criminal offense. It wouldn’t surprise me if they wanted to criminalize negative speech about our own government. American lawmakers are disgusting

  2. Fareed C Inambao

    And who gets to decide when to ” improve ” conversations?

  3. Chris Jerome

    Time to ditch using google

  4. Matt Àytcȟ Herrmann

    It’s predictive feedback on something as your writing it – think of it as spellchecker for manners 😉

  5. James Huggett

    I imagine it’s the word “corrupt” it triggered on rather than “US government”

  6. Johnny Martin

    The same thing is already happening on Google owned YouTube with conservatives already being demonitized or their channel being taken down. Diamond and Silk have had their channel taken down. There are planned protest at all Google Offices next weekend.

  7. Molly Farrell

    Someone needs to remind google it’s not the only SE in the world ffs….first steps in censoring the Internet…the last free place uncontrolled by MSM and crooked cunts…thanks SJWs…ye have fuct us all.

  8. Karyn Porter-Pribble

    Shouldn’t matter if you’re left or right, straight or gay, black or white, whatever they want to claim our differences are….this should scare everyone! What may work for one group today…will destroy them later

  9. Kyle Root

    Censorship is censorship is censorship. Call it whatever you want but it’s still censorship. If you’re ok with that, start hoping your side doesn’t become the censored.

  10. Shane Maverick Southgate

    Social engineering a socialist mindset into the people. Don’t do a Wrong Think™ or else we will have to use our superior morals to reprogram you.

  11. Sharon Ellis-Konop

    Everyone needs to dump Google as browser. Get Firefox and then download duck duck go to search or move around without them invading your privacy.

  12. Joshua Abell

    For comparison…

    Venezuela is corrupt: 67% likely to be perceived as “toxic”
    Venezuela is wonderful: 3% likely to be perceived as “toxic”
    Russia is wonderful: 6% likely to be perceived as “toxic”
    Russia is corrupt: 80% likely to be perceived as “toxic”

  13. Guy N. Burgess

    Big Brother’s not only watching us, that’s ‘1984’ 33 yrs ago BS. He obviously wants total control of our bodies & minds. 2 words: FU** YOU!

  14. Adi Sattva

    Doesn’t work even a little.

    “Flies are annoying.” 80% toxic
    “Flies are wonderful.” 11% toxic

    Yeah people loooove flies. Lol. 😂🤣😂

  15. Jacob Helton

    Google sold it’s capability to be trusted when they hired lunatics based on feelings rather then facts.

  16. Sara Trummel Lotti

    Up next “Re-Education Centers”
    Conveniently located at your nearest FEMA camp😉

  17. Memli Sh Robaj

    anybody who understands data and statistics saw this coming, too bad google hired most of them

  18. Trish Pauley

    44 comments………I see NONE…..Top Comments is selected, so some comments may have been filtered out.

  19. Dmitri Ivanovich Arkhipov

    Instead of “great firewall of China” it’ll be “bill of e-rights”

  20. Andrew Haigh

    If I was using Google I’d be using their filters to try get as toxic a rating as possible 😀

  21. Trish Pauley

    Soros is at work again desperately trying to start a US Civil War.

  22. Sujamma Slinging Raul

    Looks like we’ll be guided into being even more satirical, even more sarcastic than ever.

  23. Caius Marius

    “Hitler was a bad person” yields 90% likely to be perceived as “toxic”

    The page says:
    Toxic is defined as… “a rude, disrespectful, or unreasonable comment that is likely to make you leave a discussion.”

  24. Mario Moreno

    The question es if they will be “permanent” or to the eyes of who?

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