Why the mainstream media is not reporting this? This is BOMBSHELL!!

Eyewitness of Vegas Shooting Reported a Total of Seven Shooters – Anonymous

About a week ago, an eyewitness to the Las Vegas shooting claimed there were a confirmed 7 shooters present, in a unique statement to alternative media outlet Collective Evolution. The article went viral and there was something positive that came of the tragic event when so many people started criti…

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  1. Calvin Westmoreland

    Eyewitnesses say this page is always full of shit.

  2. Eric Sharda

    It really sucks to say that i believe anonymous more then I believe the mainstream media. No disrespect.

  3. Armando Kingtero Leiva

    There’s NO coverup NO conspiracy just a psycho crazy gun happy fuck, SO STOP this nonsense about 4, 7, 20, 100 shooters already, You all sound FUCKING DUMB as fuck

  4. Ben Baker

    Weird because I talked to someone who had family members on the floor a couple doors away and they said nothing about multiple shooters. This page needs to get its shit together. 90% of what you post is BS and it gives annon a bad name. How this group hasn’t been removed by the real annon is amazing.

  5. Ray Ceniseros

    they came out and comfirmed/corrected this saying people were scattering for help and when all the hotels called in for help they reported shooters not people who were shot as they were un aware of what was going on

  6. Dillon Rolf

    There would be a hell of a lot more casualties if there were multiple shooters…let alone fucking 7.

    I swear I follow this page just for the derp. Lol

    Vast majority of people don’t know what incoming fire or the echoes of gunfire sound like… especially in a panic state.

  7. Chris Krampus

    No, multiple shooters were not confirmed. Police were responding to multiple calls, claiming that there was a shooter, shots fired, or a guy with a gun on various parts of the strip. All of these calls to the police could have been fake claims that were called in by the one shooter in attempt to distract the local police and buy himself some time to commit his acts.

  8. Tristan DeVilliers

    How many of those shooters were suburban cowboys w/ private firearms who decided to take matters into their own hands after the initial shooting started? Whereupon anyone else w/ a gun became the “bad guy(s)” and got shot or shot them? Pro-2nd amendment people should consider this and mum up before the gun control freaks figure this out…..

  9. Almeida Tony

    There are some witnesses who reported being chased and felt as if they were being “corralled” at points.

  10. Matthew Whitworth

    Stop this shit the victims familys deserve peice of mind and all these people are doing is stirring up shit LET IT BE PEOPLE the families do not need to be reminded of this every day it’s already burned into there heads forever now let it be

  11. Adam Principe

    Then why has no one shown video? Do you realize how many people shot video. And we only see little rid bits.

  12. Joe Burkin

    Is it 2 or 7? You’ve posted articles stating both. If you’re going to make conspiracy theories, at least make sure they aren’t contradicting each other.

  13. Jim Dunkin

    Msm has been instructed by the FBI that they dont want any of their shooters reported on other than the fake one they killed and framed in the hotel room.

  14. Colin Mclean

    Eyewitness testimony is very unreliable, anyone who knows anything about this will tell you the same thing.

  15. Joseph Alymach

    Just to ask since the author of this article is obviously stupid: If the only dead bodies were at the Harvest event, in front of the Mandalay Bay, how can someone from the Bellagio be shooting at the event as well? The Bellagio is well over 1 mile from the event, no clear shot at the event, with over 7 large resort towers in the line of sight to the Harvest event, all of which block the view. Unless that was the world’s best sniper and shooting a full auto, this article is bullshit.

  16. Clayton Patrick

    You lost me at “Eyewitness”, 0 credibility for an “eyewitness”, they mean little to nothing in evidence

  17. Lacey Moore

    What is all the damn secrecy about? Was this something bigger than what the public is being told? Why the coverup?

  18. Tina Marie Jean

    Who cares? People just don’t need access to weapons of this nature. How hard of a fucking concept is it?

  19. Garrison Wininger

    If their were 7 shooters more than 58 people wouldve died js

  20. Scott Fudge

    it says “she heard there were other shooters” rumors and unsubstantiated

  21. Robert Wilda

    Just compare the bullets and the point of entry on the victims

  22. Marilyn G Adams

    Article goes blank for me when it say they interview the girl so this does me no good

  23. Ashlee Todd

    Have they heard of echos at all?

  24. Edmund Martinez

    Anonymous has even admitted they don’t have Facebook this page probably fake

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