CIA wanted to appoint a special prosecutor against the press and intervene in journalism schools

Timmy Source


  1. Paul Russell

    CIA go investigate species conservation,

    When you understand it start grasping elite views & stop acting stupid we have far bigger issues then a firm rebelling facts.

  2. Michael Malone

    How appropriate — a 1984 memo — you know, rewriting history, war is peace, ignorance is strength

  3. Joseph Wooldridge

    Just do what the current manipulators did. Buy the Media conglomerate.

  4. Michael Joseph

    JFK was assassinated because he wanted to destroy the shadow government, the CIA and shatter its pieces into the wind

  5. Anthony Kia

    CIA = Central ISIS Agency

  6. Paul Birch

    They took it all over instead through “foundations.”

  7. Ed Miller

    That would be So great

  8. Djerek Bradley Wardell

    Villains know their own kind, I guess.

  9. Frank Cruz

    free for patriot al global boss of ciberkournal julian assange

  10. Frank Cruz

    god bless mi hero and patriot julian assange

  11. Mahmoud Mahamed

    <3 <3
    <3 VipFB. Vn <3

  12. Dušan Dikič for N.Korea nuks must be CIA !!!!

  13. Elias Kocan

    Jette Anne-Marie Hansen

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