This is a disaster.

California Declares State Of Emergency Following Largest Wildfire Recorded – Anonymous

[DW] Our nation has had its hands full dealing with natural disasters and tragedies of late, and we’re not out of the woods just yet. Wildfires are raging in California’s wine country, and they show no signs of slowing down. Gov. Jerry Brown has been forced to declare a state of emergency, as an est…

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  1. Kristen Baccelli-Autagne

    A lot of you are just sickening people. For you to mock and make political comments when families have lost everything and even lives lost is disgusting! YOU are part of what’s wrong with this sick world! Hope something like this never happens to you or your family!

  2. Michael Noddin

    Where are all the Trump hating politicians from that state? Oh, I remember now. They spent their budget on illegal immigration.

  3. Hannah Smith

    I am an evacuee. It was really scary getting woken up at 5 am yesterday to get stuff and leave ASAP. Getting 5 kids up and out in a matter of minutes was very stressful. I pray these fires get put out quickly 🙏🏻
    P.s. People are out there losing everything they own, or having to camp out because they can’t go home, and you all are having a fucking political argument like a bunch of god damn children throwing a temper tantrum. GROW UP

  4. Ivan Tenev

    You remember when not too long ago CA Government blamed cows for producing methane gas and that contributes for the global warming? Maybe the cows took it too personally and set their farts on fire to protest?!

  5. Bob Gomez

    No longer a felony to knowingly give someone HIV. You can go to jail miss gendering someone.
    California can sink into the abyss for all I care.

  6. Dustin Conley

    Karma for California and all its pedophilia,rape,gangs,drugs,putting illegals before Americans,and damn near everything else this demshit ran hellhole does that is evil and I do feel for those that are good ppl stuck in this hell on earth but this is gods way of saying change your ways or I will destroy the evil myself

  7. Veronica Belvel

    It’s sad to see all the hate in the comments. Just remember your words are your karma. It might be your home next. Evil is on earth not much love in the comments below. Prayers going to all the evil people and to all those who lost their home.🙏🙏😇💕❣️

  8. Rosie Reyes Basilio

    Updates currently we are filled with smoke. Im in Vallejo area 15min away from Napa and 25 min away from Fairfield. Some Fairfield is now up for evacuation due to heavy smoke. We can smell smoke in our house since 12 midnight. 0% fire contained. No wind at this time so we are trapped with heavy smoke. We are close for evacuation due to the heavy smoke and told to use Masks. Please pray for us. Was told its an arson someone caused wildfires. Confirmed by emergency dispatch. Its no way that wild could start all at the same time different places.

  9. Alex Agarici

    Does anyone know if October is a usual time for wild fires to happen? Everything lately has been man made, faked or staged.

  10. Catherine Faivre

    We have 3 fires around us, we are a small community, we voted Trump. All the rude comments are wrong, not all of us wanted any of the stuff Brown is pushing! People’s lives have been lost, their homes gone. Now is the time for compassion.

  11. Blair Thomen

    Not to make light but where the FUCK!!! was the news when Montana, Oregon, Washington and Idaho was on fire this summer? No news about that. California goes up and OMG lets all get on our horse and talk about it.

  12. Sarah Pedley

    Wow im shocked at the comments on here, humanity went seriously wrong. How can anyone laugh at fellow human beings, trapped or loosing everything or worse still death. The world makes my heart heavy and may karma fall upon the heartless twunts that laugh at others misery :'(

  13. Aj Beamer

    FIRES? Those are the least of our worries while Jerry Brown is still Governor!!!
    I am a local who is effected by the Canyon Fires.
    If it weren’t for local and joint initiative, this would be catastrophic.
    Jerry Brown is just sitting back calculating ways to earn money on this.
    This state is an utter hell hole until we rid this place of that scum bag!

  14. Terry Davis

    Kinda hypocritical how all of these libs are whining about people bringing politics into this when that’s the first damn thing you idiots did in the wake of the Vegas shooting!

  15. Juan Rodriguez

    It’s crazy how every single thing that happens now is a political war zone. Yes we don’t have the best president ever. We have a shitty Vice President but hey these are people’s lives the politicians are playing with like they always have. It’s time the people united and did something instead of blaming whites or blacks or cows or lack of rain. Stop insulting each other and band together to help each other out. Fuck politics they only make things worse.

  16. Darren Torode

    I’m sure your Hilary, will help you out ? Haha not! and all the stars & millionaire footballers! Oh wait your President isn’t a nasty man! unlike Obama! President Trump will do everything for America, and it’s people. Why can’t you moan about Antifa,Anti Trump, anti democracy BLM and so on and on!

  17. P Brian Sudnyp

    they hate the US government so let them handle it on their own, ie: quit beggin the hand you slapped MF’er

  18. Randy Weller

    Jerry Brown will be losing Federal funds due to his stand on sanctuary statehood.. So he set California on fire in order to call a state of emergency.. And receive Federal funds..And since those funds are not monitored as well as regular Federal funds. there is know way to follow the paper trail… Those vineyards are so heavy insured.. And the lost would be covered under insurance and federal emergency funds.. I also wonder how many vineyards are in need of grove replacement.. A costly endeavor..

  19. Kali Guidotti

    Wow, so many hateful awful comments on here. People are losing their homes, dying, being forced to leave everything. And all anyone can talk about is how we should all burn to the ground? This is fucking awful and im appaled at the lack of compassion and empathy people have for thei fellow human beings. THAT is what is wrong with the world not your fucking stupid politics!!

  20. Michaela Baker

    Well since they want to not be part of the United States, hate our POTUS, i guess this is their problem. You don’t want to associated with us, you don’t need our money or help. I do hope no person is hurt, but houses & things can be replaced. We didn’t start the fire…

  21. Varney-Butkovic Ann Na Tosha

    I hope everyone gets out safety! All political BS aside. This is truly sad and an unfortunate situation for all involved. I don’t care what your race, immigration status, political side you’re on, whether you agree or disagree with our president, or you’re rich or poor. You are all people who don’t deserve this. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. May things getter better ASAP for you and your families. 💜God bless🙏

  22. Ashley Combes

    I cannot believe all the heartless comments. It saddens me to know this is the world we live in. I hope none of these people have children and are teaching them the same kind of hate.

  23. Frank Gütierrĕz

    California is still on top 5 world’s biggest economies….we can replace infrastructure with the help of all the people here in California. no need for help from people that don’t want to help or think a human life is worth based on their worldly legal status, color of their skin or political/religious belief system…unfortunatelly we cannot replace the lives of the people that are going thru this tragedy

  24. Robert Grexer

    Hope to God it wasn’t some group of twisted individuals….this screams of a planned event. Mutiple fires ignite in one night?

  25. Stuart M. Jones

    Lmao the governor is asking for federal aid yet doesn’t follow federal rules regarding immigration. You wanna be a sanctuary state. Handle your own problems.

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