Assange detention: UN found both UK and Sweden in violation of international law

A UN panel rules that the “detention” of Julian Assange should end after nearly four years in Ecuador’s embassy in London, stoking the WikiLeaks founder’s ho…

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  1. Patricia Sutcliffe

    It’s a trick. A ploy to get him out. If he walks out of the Embassy and comes to the US he may as well wear a HUGE target on his chest. (OOPS) Back. I mean his back. Don’t come here Juilian and don’t leave the Embassy.

  2. Jcynth

    This doesn’t make any sense. Julian Assange can never be free US Government will always find a way to outsmart Assange.

  3. Martin Ray

    It’s disgusting how women can falsely rape and men’s lives are turned upside down. Then the woman simply continues with her life.

    If the charges have been dropped, will the police be prosecuting the woman?

    HELL NO!

  4. Cynthia Washburn Saturday

    Julian Assange is FREE, Sweden DROPPED his investigation! …..WAiT…..Y’ALL should know this!! LOL Congrats Julian, you are now liberated…. Now can you liberate US with the WHOLE TRUTH?

  5. Lee Parks

    Don’t think it would be safe to leave, be safe Assange. You are the only one that gave the US the truth about the corruption in our country.

  6. Laishram Kayensuza

    What the f*** U.N. will do if U.K or U.S detain and arrest him by force ? U.N is the most shameful organization in the world. They just turn blind eye to U.S, UK & Israel. They don’t represent justice and equality. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  7. Colene Peterson

    He’ll never be free, but I hope they drop all these bogus cases and claims against him to where he can have some quality to his life. Living at an embassy for protection from evil people in high places is like being in prison.

  8. Venus Summers

    Yeah…..but the US and Britain have plans once he steps foot out of that embassy…..He wont interfere in OUR elections again!!!

  9. Peggy A. Martin

    They are trying to coax him out of Ecuador embassy. Statute of limitations on rape charge runs out in 2020. If he is captured before them, he can be extradited to United States, where he would likely be put to death. His head on a chopping block is wanted by many.

  10. Deborah Cook

    Fox just reported that Sweden just dropped the charges against JA. Is this true?

  11. Gary Decker

    if he walks free, then he becomes a target for Hillary, John Podesta, DNC, SEIU, Jennifer Palmieri, etc.

  12. Alison Burks Putman

    Where is an El Chapo tunnel builder when you need one. Stay safe Mr. Assange!

  13. Bianca Lawrence

    About bloody time. You cannot mess with people’s lives like this. Go Julian!

  14. Zillion Mall

    As a free man he’s probably a dead man. Should move to Russia.

  15. Steven Liu

    it is only now i realized how brave Julian Assange is

  16. Jo Esposito

    yes they did but why did they …. was it so they can extradite to the usa

  17. Deborah S Garland

    He’s not leaving the embassy. Jeff Sessions is after him now because of his CIA leaks.

  18. Bryan Krieg

    The same UN that has an integrity of a ding bat who allows Saudi Arabia on the Women’s Rights Council? Riiight

  19. Sharon Elizabeth Hodgson

    How many Wikileaks supporters surrounding Julian as a human shield would it take to get him out of the embassy and to somewhere he can be free… or is being free not the priority, and rather maintaining this powerful media empire is the goal? Just clarifying intentions — no judgement.

  20. Donna Phillips

    Be careful Jillian they get you out of that embassy alone, you will have an accident.

  21. David Nunez


  22. Damon Williams

    Guess it’s a good thing that there is no such nation as UN. lol

  23. Melissa Caton

    But the US has plans of its own and and they will not let this drop.Mr.Assange may God bless you and keep you safe.

  24. Jeff Craig Mc

    He cant…if he duz the FBI or CIA will be waiting for doubt and take hm too the US for interrogation

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