Shocking scenes from Charlottesville that will make you cry …

16 Scenes That Prove All Hell Is Actually Breaking Loose in Charlottesville – Anonymous

(ANTIMEDIA) — A protest in Charlottesville on Saturday, the largest gathering of white nationalists in recent years, turned so violent the governor declared a state of emergency. Earlier in the day, the Virginia National Guard arrived as at least a thousand police officers were deployed to arrest th…

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  1. Mike Force

    😂😂😂 then get off of the fucking road, dipshits. I hope they all suffered broken bones.

  2. Shane Jenne

    Heartbroken and disgusted by the acts of racism, violence, and domestic terrorism in Charlottesville this weekend. This is not the Charlottesville I know and love; hate speech disguised as free speech is cowardly and shameful. Such speech gives permission to the hateful acts we witnessed today; there is nothing pure or acceptable, or philosophical about Nazism and racism masked as heritage or cultural purity. The multicultural tapestry of America need to come together, acknowledge our difficult history and set out to move directly away from it toward an inclusive, kinder, more intelligent future.

  3. Mike Cervello

    Good work, Anonymous. You should feel proud of your right wing racist in White House. They’re finishing what Trump started over there.

  4. Rhett Linton

    All these people are stupid because we really need to be getting ready and getting ourselves prepared for North Korea

  5. Joseph Anglin

    Why not just let those white hill Billys protest.. naw fucking niggers got to blow shit out of proportion and start with those crackers. Both groups are complete morons. Let ppl protest and don’t get involved.

  6. Terrell Miller

    So where are the cops with the riot gear? They show up doin during PEACEFUL black protests so why not this one? Oh I forgot they took off from work to join in the crowd💡

  7. Roman Avichae

    Nah. A bunch pussy baby communists were standing in the middle of the road complaining about something that doesn’t matter. So dude man wanted to take justice in his own hands. Pretty awesome 😃

  8. Shannon Hilberg

    Its tragic this happened. But the reality is that if they weren’t blocking the street this probably wouldn’t have happened. At no point did the driver go on the sidewalk. Hopefully others learn from this and practice safety. Citizens are tired of protestors blocking the streets and infringing on their lives.

  9. Larry D. Hudson

    it was one of their own leftist assholes that ran over his own buddies lol lol this is just to funny

  10. Frederick Nieto

    Stop trying to undo American history, and remove monuments, and there shouldn’t be a problem! The leftist libtards, and ignorant politicians, are the reason for these removals in the first place. Stop dismantling America’s history!

  11. Meg Wood

    It’s weird, cause in the crowd of “racists” that gone hurt, I’m seeing people of all colors marching. Thus,wasn’t a white supremacist march, it was a march to halt the removal of confederate statues. Report the facts

  12. Gk Elrod

    Thanks Obama for dividing the people! Divide and conquer sound familiar

  13. Nick Gionfriddo

    Why is there no news of the search for the killer? Just instant accusations of Nazi and alt-right doing?

  14. Sergio Anthony Madrid

    Dam so many ignorant people saying don’t be in the roads than or this memes this world is fucked up when did it became funny running people over did ya forget what happen in NYC? That could be your family member still funny?

  15. Benjamin Shipman

    Why are people so appalled by this? Isn’t this what everyone wants? The Left cheered when Steve Scalise was shot. You have public officials advocating for violence against each other. AntiFa calling for violence. You have groups like the KKK and Black Panther Party that exist. You had plays and art depicting President Trump beheaded. So isn’t this what everyone wants? To kill people you disagree with or dislike? Stop with your petty anger or sadness. Stop with the condolences and best wishes. The vast majority on here will do nothing. Some even want this violence. So give it up. Unless your going to get upset at all violence, against anyone, don’t waste the time to comment. Because it’s just an empty comment.

  16. Gloria Stapp

    These “victims” should not have been in the street. What is wrong with our young people today??

  17. Tina McCormick

    Obama was the beginning of all this hatred he sat back and did nothing when the Ferguson event occurred and when our police officers were getting killed, you could hear crickets.. now it’s all president Trumps fault?? How dare the Clintons say anything, hypocrites… it is this country’s history that is being forgotten because BLM and all the other Morons are offended? We are tired of all the libtards and democratic bullshit..

  18. Jim Mihalic

    “We should call for a ban of racist people entering the country”… now doesn’t that put the travel ban in perspective
    This President has brought hatred back into our society!

  19. Wayne King

    Did god really bless america 🤔 I don’t think he did. The land of hate.

  20. Amber Christine Riise

    Give them more reasons to declare martial law and see if you can protest then. Give them the fuel for the fire. When they divide us. The government will take control and no one will have rights.

  21. David Huebner

    You block the road I will run through you.

  22. John Lopez

    Good get off the fucking road you piece of shit fucktards! I hope that challenger killed people and disabled people teach you a fucking lesson we need less people like that in the world

  23. Dylan Cody Darwish

    Driver of the car CONFIRMED as an #ANTIFA member!!
    At this time it’s unknown if the driver thought he was running down one of the peaceful demonstrators Or if it was an attempt to blame them yet didn’t successfully get away.

    DRIVER OF CAR WAS A #Liberal #FarLeft #Terrorist


    Anywhere these people go there’s always #Violence #Looting #BlockingTraffic

    #BLM & #Antifa are #DomesticTerrorists



  24. Josh Sargent

    This is my city, shit is fucked up 95% of these people have never even been here, now my city is gonna burn to the ground

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